What We Do

Integrated Mobile offers a suite of software and service solutions, the cornerstone of which is our innovative iWIN Dashboard. These solutions provide end-to-end lifecycle management of a business enterprise’s entire wireless needs, including fulfillment, configuration, billing, and differentiated customer care. Through the use of capabilities built on the lean Six Sigma operating methodology, Integrated Mobile eliminates the obstacles, challenges and distractions of managing wireless services.

The Integrated Mobile iWIN Dashboard, with the addition of iManage, iBill, and iCare, enables business enterprises to get control of their assets and services, better allocate the wireless budget, capture billing defects, and eliminate waste from the monthly bill. Integrated Mobile ties it all together with a single-point of contact for all wireless issues, regardless of multiple providers.

Learn more about how we can save you time and money by browsing above or contact us and one of our sales pros will contact you right away to discuss how the Integrated Mobile solution can work for you!

Integrated Mobile....much more than a telecom expense management provider – the leading managed wireless services company offering complete managed mobility solutions for all your wireless needs.

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